Eldorado brand
Start managing the result
In brief
This is Eldorado employer brand with the slogan "Manage the result"
Developing Eldorado employer brand, its creative and visual concept.
Research conducted among company employees and potential candidates showed that all the employees are determined to achieve personal success. They don't like routine and conventional ways because they deprive them of the feeling of success and self-significance. The key factors in their careers are new and challenging experience and notable results of their work.
The research revealed that the employees value the opportunity to achieve success inside the company. However success is a vague notion and everyone has their personal understanding of this concept. In order to be able to work on the value we had to figure out the real meaning of the word "success" for the company employees.

Apparently, success for them was equal to tangible results of work and clear ways of achieving the mentioned result. As for the tangible result it includes customers' positive emotions, the opportunity to earn well, develop a career, and take part in the company decision making.

We designed motivators for each group of the target audience. For instance, tangible result for a candidate implies transparent ways of increasing income, while current employees are more concerned about the career development system.
Creative concept
The creative concept is based on the following idea: Eldorado employees always achieve results, therefore it's time to move to a new level and start managing these results. Hence stories about employees increasing, enhancing, accelerating, improving, and multiplying the result appeared in the communication materials.
The slogan
"Work for Eldorado. Manage the results"
was designed for the brand.
The core of the visual concept is staged photos depicting Eldorado employees in various common work situations literally illustrating the above mentioned headings. For example, a shop assistance increases the result by offering a customer a bigger TV, or a worker shares his results by posting a selfie with his photo on an honours board in the background.

The brand guide book contains detailed description of the methods of situations development, slogans design and communication materials creation for different formats.