Azbuka Vkusa
Azbuka Vkusa brand
In brief
It is an Azbuka Vkusa employer brand with the slogan: "Believe in yourself. Work for Azbuka Vkusa".

To develop Azbuka Vkusa employer brand, its creative and visual concept.
The idea that Azbuka Vkusa encourages its employees to believe in themselves in order to achieve better results provided the basis for the positioning. The company starts motivating its employees from as early as the stage of application to a position, therefore helping its workers to change their lives.

In order to bring in some humorous effect we matched self-confidence against common superstitions and rituals.
Creative concept
We designed the slogan "Believe in yourself. Work for Azbuka Vkusa" for the brand. Communication materials are focused on comparison of working for the company with common superstitious beliefs.
Visual style is based on geometric figures. Colour code emphasizes the difference between the stories: the right decision is always written on the branded bright green patch.

Images inside bubbles depict the people's wishes and the objects in the poster information block show that those wishes have come true.

We designed a range of visual materials for the brand. The subjects of the first three posters included writing a letter to Santa Claus, making a wish while sitting between people with the same name, and while blowing out candles on the birthday cake. These superstitions are matched against working situations at Azbuka Vkusa: you may believe that Santa Claus will make your wish come true, but chances to fulfill your wishes are higher if you join Azbuka Vkusa team.