Tame SAP in Avgust
Promotion of SAP HANA
platform among employees
In brief
A promotion campaign for the SAP platform with a funny character as a symbol
The Avgust company moved to a new data storage and processing platform — SAP HANA. Prior to that, employees had worked in a dozen disparate applications, so it had been difficult to synchronize information. The SAP platform was unified yet very new and unfamiliar for employees.
To make the implementation of a new platform easy and comfortable, and also to show employees that there is nothing wrong with the new method of work – you just need to get used to it.
Idea and character
Mastering programs, testing new functions, coping with failures is a difficult and almost always dull business. In order to solve this problem we created an amusing and memorable character named Sap: either a dragon or a new pokemon. Sap appeared in "Avgust" on the first day of SAP implementation and instantly became a full member of the company. The hero explained the functions of the platform, compiled instructions for colleagues and encouraged them like a real software consultant. Employees tamed Sapa, helped him get comfortable and learned how to interact with him.
Sap is always open for communication: he gives advice in offices, responds to posts, sends reminders and recommendations. Every month it grows and evolves, showing how employee relations with the SAP platform are developing.
Sap's story began with hatching right during the CEO's New Year address. The video was watched by all employees of the company, so they understood: there would be something!
Corporate portal and newsletter
On the first day of work SAP registered on the internal portal and immediately began to leave there likes and comments. A day later, he got into the corporate newsletter, through which the company introduces all new employees. Finally, SAP quickly became a star of company' social networks.
Sap appeared on posters, stickers and calendars. At different stages of evolution, he had a different mood: first, the joy of new acquaintances, then the desire to go on and do more, finally, satisfaction from the results. Stickers from Sap were also different: some motivated and encouraged to action, while others were perfect for selfies and jokes about the office.


times Sap appeared in the offices of the company
in 51 cities of Russia and Belarus
of the team liked the new character
employees receive gifts from Sapa every month
The staff got along with Sap: the adaptation period passed without stress and panic. Now, every month, the character awards the most active employees and thanks them for the teamwork, and also gives gifts to the platform ambassadors.