ABB photobooth
Photobooth invites students to the female internship program
In brief
Activation that invites female engineers to the ABB internship program
ABB will launch a new trainee program for the European region focusing on females and sales talents. The aim is to increase awareness of ABB as an innovative employer, pioneering technology leader that invites the best talents and attracts female engineers to apply for its program.
Create a photo booth which automatically recognizes the sex of the person sitting in front of the camera and gives photos with a defined message.
At student campuses and at job fairs, the photo booth was placed in an area where everyone could take photos. The program automatically recognized the sex of the person sitting in front of the camera. If it was a female, she received her photos with one of these messages: "Hey, girl! Due to new technologies our smart photo booth recognizes your sex so we prepared a secret invitation for you. Apply for ABB's female trainee program!" Every photo had a special QR-code that lead to the website describing the program or to the career page on Facebook. If it was a male, he received his photos with a message: "Hey, boy! We have some awesome offers for you. Check out our career website".