Hangout in "makelove" on 23 of February
Pull a handle – get a gift in "makelove bar"
In brief
The most outrageous 23 of February congratulation ever.
To create cool congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day to fire it up.
We understood that we won't surprise our colleagues with simple commonplace gifts, even if they would be very cool. That's why we decided to use social networks and create the congratulations generator. Our campaign 'Congrats you, guys' consisted of several stages.
The research made in "makelove" showed that our guys hook into social networks, especially Facebook (we spied on them to be sure that they surf news feed). During lots of afterwork hangouts and within hours we spend together in traffic jams after meetings with clients we found out that someone likes craft beer, another prefers smoothies, someone is ready to sell soul to the devil for hot tasty dinner, another one needs a hanger and a funny pin. Due to our experience we managed to find out some insights about our guys on which we built up the 'Congrats you, guys' campaign.
Congrats generator
After we've picked all the gifts, we thought that it would be too flatly to just put them on guys' tables. So we created a special landing page with the congrats generator looked like a slot machine called the one armed bandit. Pull the handle and get a personal combination of 3 gifts.

But how to tell guys about this generator? Just send them the link?
We had a better idea!
When the Day X came, we launched targeted ads on Facebook aimed at "makelove" guys – only they could see the post. Bright pics and catching phrase 'Congrats to makelove buddies' couldn't be missed out. Surprise effect is our everything.
And it kicked in!
Make repost to get a gift
Found a personal ad in news feed? Bucked up? Pulled the handle? Now you need to get your gift. How? Repost your ad, of course! To be honest, we wanted to get our part of fame and to tell everyone about this cool idea we created. That's why all our guys reposted congrats and got their gifts.

Watch how all of us were happy on our Instagram page!