Job-video for KNGF
Epic story about oil search
In brief
This is a video about the importance of KNGF employees work for the whole country.

Kogalymneftegeofizika has conducted geophysical research all over Russia for almost 30 years. Potential candidates know about the company so it's high time the company designed a recognizable image.
To produce an emotional image video that would provide candidates an opportunity to see the company activity from a different angle and tell them about the importance and scale of KNGF work.
The main KNGF activity is oil search. Search in general is an indispensable part of human lives: people search for things, love, friends, and the purpose of life. Search is the living base for every person, while oil search is a vital activity for the country. This is the core idea of the video.
We steadily built up tension in the video starting it with search for small common objects and gradually moving to global philosophical issues. The video ends with the major type of search, i.e. search for oil. The music and the speaker's voice enhance the effect.