Job-video for Sabidom
Feeling proud of the result
In brief
The video tells why employees of a full-cycle building company should be proud of the results of their work.

Sabidom company has been building entire housing settlements in the Moscow Region for 8 years. Sabidom is a holding which conducts all the works on its own without using the services of contractors. The company has its own building organization with the necessary equipment, its own sales department and a project group. It even produces in-house construction materials.
To make a video which will clearly and emotionally tell candidates about the advantages of working for Sabidom.
We decided to emphasize that every member of a full-cycle company regardless of their sphere of activity feel their involvement in the common cause and contribution to the common result. It is something to be proud of!

The video tells the story of a settlement building from choosing the site for construction to selling ready townhouses. The viewer gets to know about different spheres of company activity and stages of work. In particular the video shows coherent work of different departments and the result that the employees can be really proud of.
The focus among other things is on the good working conditions and high quality of materials and instruments.

The video was produced in two variants: with sound effects (for the company web-site and the Internet) and silent (for broadcasting in sales points, offices, and settlements).
Video secrets
We used a specific element in the video that will make you watch it again and again: there are 6 likes (images of a hand with a thumb up) in the video – try to find them all.
Did you succeed? Here's the right answer for those who'd like to check themselves.